E C, Instructing Solicitor

I am grateful for all your kind assistance in this case which is greatly appreciated not only by me but also by Mr M. He can now get on with his life. He is extremely happy with the outcome especially that two previous barristers had advised him that there was no case to pursue!

J R, Direct Access client

I would like to repeat my heartfelt thanks for the excellent task you performed. Throughout the case you have performed admirably well, and my family and I are most grateful.

S M, Direct Access client

A few years ago, I had enormous trouble with a tenant… I shall be forever grateful to Tom for his support at a very worrying time and strongly recommend his wisdom and understanding to other landlords. He is unusual in that he listens. He is good at the detail and provides strategic advice about the… Continue reading S M, Direct Access client

V R, Direct Access client

Tom, you are an excellent advocate who I rate very highly and have often recommended to others in need of great advocacy skills.