Landlord And Tenant Barrister In Devon, Plymouth


Tamar Chambers’ dedicated team of landlord and tenant Barrister in Plymouth is committed to providing expert legal guidance and support in all matters related to landlord-tenant relationships. Tamar Chambers stands out as your trusted source for landlord and tenant legal services in Plymouth and Devon.

Our Services – Landlord & Tenant Barrister In Devon, Plymouth

At Tamar Chambers, we offer a comprehensive range of services to landlords and tenants in Plymouth and Devon:

  • Landlord Legal Support

We aid landlords in crafting thorough lease agreements, handling tenant disputes, and navigating the complex legal aspects of property management. Our proactive approach is designed to assist landlords in steering clear of legal challenges and fostering harmonious landlord-tenant relationships.

  • Possession Claims

Our services include advising and representing residential landlords in possession claims. We understand the legal processes involved and will work diligently to protect your property interests.

  • Interpretation and Construal of Leases

We can provide expert guidance on the interpretation and construal of leases, ensuring that both landlords and tenants understand their rights and obligations.

  • Actions Involving Squatters and Adverse Possession

Dealing with squatters and adverse possession can be challenging. Our experienced landlord and tenant Barrister can assist in resolving such situations effectively and in accordance with the law.

  • Claims for Rent Arrears

We specialise in helping landlords recover rent arrears through our proven track record in claims handling.

  • Navigation Through the Recent Renters (Reform) Legislation

The ever-changing landscape of rental laws can be confusing. We are well-versed in the proposed Renters (Reform) legislation and can guide you through its implications.

  • Actions Involving Dilapidations and Disrepair

Our expertise extends to actions involving dilapidations and disrepair, ensuring that your property is maintained in accordance with legal standards.

The Tamar Chambers Advantage

  • Tenant Rights and Advocacy

At Tamar Chambers, Tom Bragge, Landlord and Tenant Barrister in Devon, is dedicated to safeguarding the rights of tenants in Plymouth and Devon. Tamar Chambers is your advocate for protecting your rights. We are well-versed in tenant rights and can assist in matters such as unfair eviction, deposit disputes, and subletting issues. We aim to guarantee that tenants are treated justly and in compliance with the law.

  • Landlord Legal Support

Our services extend to landlords, providing them with invaluable legal support from Barrister specialising in landlord and tenant matters in Devon. We assist landlords in drafting comprehensive lease agreements, managing disputes with tenants, and navigating the legal intricacies of property management. Our proactive approach helps landlords avoid legal pitfalls and maintain smooth landlord-tenant relationships.

  • Mediation and Litigation

Tamar Chambers understands that not all disputes can be resolved amicably. In such cases, we are prepared to represent your interests in mediation or, if necessary, in court. Our litigation expertise ensures that your case is handled with professionalism and dedication, seeking the best possible outcome for you.


As your dedicated landlord and tenant Barrister in Plymouth, Tamar Chambers is committed to providing you with expert legal support and guidance. With our extensive understanding of the local legal system and our focus on putting clients first, we stand out as the reliable option for resolving landlord-tenant issues. Whether you are a landlord looking to safeguard your property or a tenant dealing with legal complications, we are available to assist you. Contact Tamar Chambers today, and let us be your partner in achieving legal clarity and resolution in your landlord-tenant relationships.